Usability in 2017

In 2015, in collaboration with the CCIO and CIO Networks, we designed the first ever comprehensive clinical usability measure – cSUS .

In 2016, we ran the first ever NHS-wide cSUS clinical usability survey, garnering 1500 responses from NHS clinicians, and over 50,000 words of free text feedback about the usability of the clinical systems that are used across the NHS.

In 2017 we’re developing the first ever clinical usability web platform, an online ratings site for all clinical software, allowing clinical end users to rate their systems in real time and see how others have rated the those same systems. We want to give end users a voice, and empower system suppliers to access the valuable feedback from their users – because they both want the same things: great clinical software.

We’re developing the software in open source, and are actively involving the CCIO and CIO Networks in the ongoing development of the Usability Platform.

Watch this space for further information on the Usability Platform