About cSUS

What is cSUS?

CSUS stands for the Clinical Software Usability Study.  Developed by The CCIO Network and Digital Health Intelligence, cSUS was originally a six month pilot project, running to March 2016, to explore the potential for collecting and publishing usability ratings data on the clinical systems in use in the NHS.

Begun at the CCIO Summer School 2015, cSUS builds on previous usability studies including the Big Mental Health Survey 2013.  The cSUS project uses two linked online surveys:

Software Usability Survey (SUS)– a proven usability tool, chosen to enable comparisons between health and other sectors.  Ten questions.

Clinical Software Usability Survey (cSUS) – a brand new clinical systems survey, developed through consultation with the CCIO Network. Five questions.

Everyone taking the survey is also asked to outline:

What do you like most about the system?

What would you change about the system?

Full details on the methodology of the cSUS survey are published at https://www.openhealthhub.org/t/clinical-software-usability-questions/456

Objectives of cSUS

This is the first time a usability survey has been carried out nationally across all areas of the NHS, covering all the main electronic patient record and clinical systems currently in use.

Our aim with the cSUS project is to improve the quality and availability of standardised, trustworthy data on the real-world usability of clinical software IT systems, to help inform NHS purchasing decisions and help the health IT industry improve the usability in offered products.
Through the pilot we want to explore the potential to develop a trusted national reference resource of user performance ratings data of clinical systems, to help drive future improvements. The results of this survey will benefit almost all members of the healthcare system including: CCIOs, clinical end users, patients and suppliers.

The CCIO Network

The CCIO Network is an independent leadership and best practice network of Chief Clinical Information Officers and other clinical information leaders working across the NHS. The network, which is hosted by Digital Health and supported by NHS England and HSCIC, is focused on supporting the spread of best practice in health IT through events, webinars and online collaboration tools. Recent work of the network includes championing interoperability through the Newcastle Declaration.

Digital Health Intelligence

Digital Health Intelligence is the leading provider of data and analysis of trends in UK health IT. DHI publishes the NHS IT database and Clinical Digital Maturity Index – the authoritative benchmark of the Digital Maturity of NHS organisations. These research and data services are free of charge to registered NHS staff.

Confidentiality & Data Protection

We will maintain the confidentiality of all respondents, and no user identifiable data or responses will be published to anyone at any point. Aggregated data will be made available to all respondents who complete the survey, while members of the CCIO Network and subscribers to Digital Health Intelligence will get access to a richer level of data based on of ratings data by particular systems.